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A Perfect Blood - Kim Harrison *sigh. This book is a major backslide into stupid, annoying protagonist and bad, poorly edited writing. "sour".Rachel has been shown to be smarter than she's behaving, which stretches my suspension of disbelief too far. The story jumps around too much, and the bad guys were 1.5 dimensional, and I really can't take any more of Rachel whining!And *then* Ms. Harrison goes and throws in half a dozen things that may or may not be teasers for new story arcs, but then ignores them for the rest of the book - the whole werewolf thing, for example.There were some good bits here, and the writing is still slightly better than the first couple, but this book is definitely not up to the bar set by A Pale Demon.Ugh. Go read Seanan McGuire's Toby Daye series instead, each book actually better than the last...