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Dead Witch Walking - Kim Harrison I don't have a whole lot of tolerance for modern paranormal chick-lit. There are far to many well-written novels starring strong female protagonists to waste time with the pablum that is being sold as fantasy these days. The sad part is the good novels are getting harder to find...Anyway - I was ready to kill the protagonist halfway through the book, to put her out of everyone's misery. She's supposed to be a competent, kick-ass cop, and yet makes exceptionally stupid decisions all the way through the novel. She blunders from mistake to mistake, and in almost every case is rescued by someone else.Supporting characters don't make much sense either. Jinks flips back and forth (jarringly) between helpful and annoying. Ivy obviously has an agenda, but we all we get to see is inane and unbelievable interactions between her and Rachel. The relationship between Nick and Rachel appears to develop backstage - we never see any of it.I suppose that since this is book one in a (long) series, more will come. Against my better judgement I'm going to try book 2...